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7 Easy Ways to Be Healthier & Productive at Work

Between endless hours sitting down and constant birthday celebrations (et tu, cupcakes?), working in an office can lead to a lot of unhealthy behavior.

Luckily, staying healthy is totally possible—try these seven super-simple ways to stay in tip-top shape while working nine to five.

Find em below:

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1. Eat Breakfast

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Whether or not breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, eating it will prevent you from snacking on random (and often unhealthy) things throughout the morning.

And before you say “Oh, but I want to sleep longer and not spend precious time cooking a meal,” know that there are a ton of make-ahead options you can prep on the weekend to eat all week long.

2. Don’t Deprive Yourself

So that temptress Linda brought in her famous frosted blondies again.

Forcing yourself not to eat one will a.) make you sad and b.) make you way more likely to binge on something else unhealthy later.

Practice portion control and take a few bites of whatever treat’s in front of you instead of devouring the whole thing and feeling guilty about it.

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