7 Easy Ways to Be Healthier & Productive at Work

3. Team Up With Your Coworkers

Chances are you’re not alone in your quest to be healthier at work, meaning you can (and should) tap into those around you for motivation and inspiration.

That could mean starting a Google Doc to share healthy lunch recipes or meal prep tips. You could also round up a few folks to do a month of Whole30.

Eating clean, Whole30-compliant meals is infinitely easier when you have people around you to commiserate with over missing cheese and legumes.

4. Perfect Your Desk Setup

Staying healthy at work doesn’t just mean not gaining weight; it also means protecting your neck, back and eyes.

Where your computer is in relation to your eyes is super important. If you’re looking too far down, you could develop back and neck pain, and if you’re gazing upward, you’re likely to experience dry eyes.

Use a computer stand or even a stack of books to position your monitor or laptop so that you’re only looking down at it at a ten-degree angle, max.

While you’re at it, make like your grandma and increase your font size. If the text is too small, you’ll squint, which is the number one culprit of eye fatigue and headaches.

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