7 Things Anxiety & Stress Does to You and How to Fix Them

Anxiety is all too common in our lives. You may have experienced anxiety in the past, whether it be new social situations, public speaking, or sitting an exam.

Anxiety is a physiological response to antagonizing stimuli, whether that be external or internally manifested.

Anxiety and living a stressed life is a terrible way to go around living life. Here are 6 terrible things anxiety and stress does to you and at the end a solution 🙂

Lets get started.

1. Panic Attacks

Anxiety is often associated with panic,and an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and stress which may even lead to physical symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat and a feeling of a heavy chest. Click here to read more on this

2. Cardiovascular Changes

In serious cases of anxiety, your heart rate may be rapidly increased. This can lead to a number of other cardiovascular-related problems such as increased blood pressure, and blood flow irregularity. Source

3. Central Nervous System Function

In cases where severe anxiety leads to panic attacks, this can have detrimental effects on the central nervous system. These include headaches, a diminished libido, and muscle tension.

4. Respiratory Response

Having difficulty with breathing is a symptom that is often cited by people who suffer from anxiety, especially if they are having a panic attack. This can often lead to further panic if it is not addressed.

5. Fight or Flight Response

In situations where we feel anxious or threatened, our body responds by one of either two ways, which are commonly referred to as fight or flight. Frequently being this scenario may cause physiological instability if experienced often and over time. (Read more on this)

6. Upset Digestive System

There is some evidence that suggests that anxiety experienced over a longer duration of time, may insight adverse physical effects such as nausea, stomach irritations, and digestive discomfort. (Click here to learn how to get rid of this now)

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