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7 Brunch Egg Recipes (Healthy & Delicious Easy to Make)

Can’t decide what to eat for breakfast?

Or perhaps thinking about spicing up brunch abit with especially eggs? Then we’ve got the perfect recipes for you.

The best part? These guys are healthy, delicious, good looking and above all very easy to make.

The Keto Beginning Guide is brimming with the strategies and vibrant ketogenic, high-fat, low-carb paleo, moderate protein recipes that I used to effortlessly switch into a state of nutritional ketosis – where my body burns fat as energy instead of glucose. (click here for more details)

Did we also mention some of them have a latino twist to it?

Lets dig in 🙂

1. Barbacoa Chilaquiles

Barbacoa Chilaquiles

You like? Get the full recipe.

2. Baked Eggs With Sofrito

Get the full recipe here.

3. Huevos Rancheros

Get the full recipe. Click here.

4.Huevos Motuleños

Love what you see? Get the full recipe here.

5. Breakfast Quesadillas

6. Migas

Love it? Full recipe on

7. Jalapeño-Cheddar Eggs Benedict

Full recipe on

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