Why Can’t I Lose Weight? It’s One or 2 Out of These 7 Reasons

2. You’re Consuming Too Much Calories

Same as eating foods with much calories, just too much than you need to maintain your current weight or lose it.

Females between the age of 31-50 according to research should consume at least 1800 calories per day to maintain weight.

Go lesser to lose weight and higher to lose weight, That’s a no brainier right? but little did you know some of those foods said to be good for you contain a lot of calories.


A 100gm of peanut butter for example over 589 calories, that’s almost half of what you need per day to maintain weight and we all know the PB is just something you take for snacking option, not even real food this time.

Another example is salad dressings, Some of them can carry up to 387 calories per 100gm and we haven’t even talked fruits like avocados, mangoes e.t.c

So now you see that this goes beyond just eating foods that are good for you, it also has to do with how many calories each food contain, Now what you don’t have to do is go crazy trying to figure out how many calories are in a food you’re about to eat or start counting.

All you’ll need to is find more information about foods that carry so much calories, Here’s a fair list of them.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop eating them… But moderation as it is required in everything should be applied here too. Just don’t go crazy.

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